Ombre Powder Brows Miami

Microblading is a popular PMU treatment, but it isn’t an option for everyone. Some people prefer a bold and more defined brow. They like the look of brow powders or pomade and want something similar. Some clients have oily or mature skin and microblading is an unsuitable treatment for them. At Miami Brow Bar, we recommend powder brows as an alternative. This treatment gives you a bolder and more filled-in brow. If you’ve been looking for powder brows Miami or ombre powder brows Miami and are curious about the service, Miami Brow Bar can help you.

Powder brows are different from microblading because we deposit color in tiny dots instead of creating hair-like strokes. This technique is more suitable for people with oily or aged skin because the dots heal properly and don’t look blurry. We can also create an Ombre effect with this technique by making the color less saturated in the center of the brows and more saturated towards the end. If you’re looking for ‘Ombre powder brows near me’, call us today!

ombre powder brows miami